BibleThe Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Recognizing that many groups also claim to believe this about the Word of God, and yet vary widely as to what they claim the Bible teaches, we hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

The-Baptist-Confession-of-Faith-1689(For a further explanation see The Legitimacy And Use of Confessions of Faith.)

We believe that it is an excellent, though not inspired, expression of the teaching of the Holy Scriptures which stand as the judge of all confessions.

We believe God made man upright, but all men sinned in Adam, and subsequently in personal practice, and are therefore worthy of eternal damnation in hell. God being a merciful God chose to save His elect from their sins by Grace alone, through Faith alone, by the merits of Christ alone, and to the glory of God alone. What is a Biblical Christian ./ Why…?

We believe that worship should be God centered rather than man centered. We therefore hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship: that we should offer to the Lord in worship all that He commands in His word, and only what He commands in His word. God should be approached in all reverence and Holy fear, in light of His great majesty and Holiness and our great sinfulness and lowliness. We do approach God in the joy of our salvation in Christ, yet it should never be characterized by levity and frivolity, nor should the atmosphere ever be one of entertainment.

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For a further explanation of Reformed Baptist distinctives see What is a Reformed Baptist by Jim Savastio


C. H. Spurgeon
– C. H. Spurgeon

“Theology has nothing new in it except that which is false. The preaching of Paul must be the preaching of the minister today. The old truth that Calvin preached, that Chrysostom preached, is the truth that I must preach today, or else be a liar to my conscience and my God. I cannot shape the truth, I know of no such thing as the paring off the rough edges of doctrine. John Knox’s gospel is my gospel. Election is not mentioned once in the year in many a pulpit; final perseverance is kept back; the great things of God’s law are forgotten, and a kind of mongrel mixture of Arminianism and Calvinism is the great delight of the present age. And hence the Lord has forsaken many of His tabernacles; and left the house of His covenant; and He will leave it until again the trumpet gives a certain sound. For, wherever there is not the old gospel we shall find ‘Ichabod’ written upon the church walls ere long. The truths of the Covenanters, the old truths of the Puritans, the old truths of the apostles is the only truth that will stand the test of time, and never need to be altered to suit a wicked and ungodly generation.